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Schedule and Assignments updated

As announced today at the lecture, the schedule needed another update. This has now been done, and the assignments have been updated accordingly. Hopefully, the rest of the semester will run as planned.

Change of schedule

Note that we have had to change the schedule. The lecture introducing OOAD and SE is moved up to this Thursday (the 30th). Please note the listed literature, and make sure to at least familiarize yourself with it before the lecture. The lecture will be in room 3A.12+3A.14.

Change of room for the first lecture

The first lecture on week 35 (the 28th of August) will be about C#. Since there will be exercises for which the use of a computer is necessary, we have been allowed to move the lecture to room 3A12/14.
All other Tuesday’s lectures will be held in Auditorium 4 as planned.

I’ll make sure to leave a note on Aud. 4 door in case someone forgets.