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Lectures on Tuesdays…

… are now permanently moved to be from 09:15 to 12:00 in AUD 4.

Slides and Assignment #39…

are now online. Remember that the lecture tomorrow starts at 09:15 in AUD 4.

Lecture on Sep. 25th…

… will start at 09:15 in AUD 4.

Student programmer job opening

Clint Heyer is looking for a student programmer who can work on a Nodejs-based solution for aggregating content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and some front-end development in Javascript. If this sounds interesting, please get in touch with Clint Heyer ( It is a paid position as part of the “Good Life” ITU strategic research initiative.

Slides on OOAD are online..

… and available here. Also note that the assignment for this week has been updated with the OOAD part.

Abstract methods and polymorphism

Today, I was asked whether it was necessary to add the virtual method modifier on abstract methods. It seems obvious that abstract methods are also virtual, since otherwise abstract classes would make little sense.  As one of your class mates noted, the answer is in the book (C#P page 44).

The keyword abstract means both abstract and virtual. When overriding an abstract method, the sub-class should use the abstract override method modifiers, or new abstract in case of hiding.


abstract class Test
   public abstract void Example();

class ExTest: Test
    public abstract override void Example(){…} // polymorphism
    public new abstract void Example();// hiding

Slides for Tuesday..

.. are now available from the schedule. Please note that the slides named BDSA2012.4 (related to [SE9] ch. 4) will be used before the slides named BDSA2012.3 (related to [OOAD] ch. 4-7).

Code Review Joke

I mentioned the code review joke at the lecture, and its here…