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Course Evaluation is coming up…

… from 5 November we will be looking into how you experience the quality of our courses – you will be invited pr email. So please participate in the evaluation and tell us what works. And also what doesn’t work, so that we can do something about it. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Lecture week 44

The slides and the assignment for week 44 is now online.

C# Assignment 43 is now voluntary

Today at lecture we have discussed the status of the hand-in assignments, since there are quite a number of groups that have failed them. It seems, that most of the burden (at least for some of the groups) comes from the C# assignments. There were mixed feeling on whether the C# assignments were too long or not. It has, therefore, been agreed to do the following:

The C# part of assignment 43 is not part of this week mandatory assignment (Networking with C#).

Note that Part I and Part II are still mandatory, so you still have to pass 8 out of 10 assignments. Groups that would like feed back on the assignment are still welcome to hand it in as as usual.

This should give you a chance to catch up, though I still recommend you do the assignment.

C# Assignment and note on material for week 43

The C# assignment for this week is now available. Notice also that chapter 12 will not be part of the lecture this week. You should read, however, the chapter as some of the technology we will learn about this week will be based on XML (ch.12). It is an easy to follow chapter, so you should not have any problem following it.

Slides & Assignment for week 43…

… are now online. Please take a look at the literature, the slides, and assignment #43 before Tuesday — this time there is a lot of stuff to cover.

The lecture Oct. 9th …

… is canceled. The lecture is moved to the week after the fall break (on Tuesday 23/10). This latter lecture was devoted to Design Patterns, but since you already know about this, there is no need to spend a lot of time on that. Therefore — use the whole day Tuesday to catch up on assignments and readings.

Changes in Assignment for week 40 , part II

In case some of you have already started looking at the C# assignment for this week, you might now notice some small changes. You are no longer required to create the database programmatically. You are instead required to creating it using Visual Studio Entity Framework.

If you have already created the database directly from the code, you DO NOT need to change your program to fit the new requirement.

Overview of hand-in’s

FYI, you can get an overview of your hand-in’s at:

Please contact Simon Bang Terkildsen at sbat<at>itu<dot>dk if you cannot remember your alias.

Please write an e-mail to Mads at madsf<at>itu<dot>dk if you have handed in your assignment and it does not figure in the list - there can be some problems with the new ITU mailing system.

Slides & Assignment for week #40…

… are now online - slides and assignment #40.