Weekly Assignments

AS.35, AS.36AS.37AS.38AS.39AS.40AS.41AS.43AS.44AS.45

General Notes on Assignments for BDSA 2012

  • Weekly assignments (labeled “AS.<N>”, N=[35..45]) will be available from this page before the lectures on Tuesday in week N.
  • Assignments are to be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays in week N. You should be present at the exercises, and participate in the general discussion of the assignment. The assignment should be finished as homework.
  • The assignment will be addressing topics from the lectures in week N. Hence, before starting to solve the assignment it is essential to read the literature related to the assignment (i.e. the literature from week N).
  • The solution/answer to the assignment is to be handed in before Thursday morning at 10:00 (before the lecture) in week N+1.
    • Assignments are to be done in electronic form, i.e. as PDF papers and the C# source code. This means that if you are keeping you content on wiki’s, SVN or other places, you still have to transform the content into PDF’s and source files and submit this (links to wiki’s cannot be seen as a hand-in). Please zip all the content (do not hand in only part I or part II, but the whole assignment) and name the zip file your ITU user names of the people in your group and the assignment number, e.g. madsf_bardram_dpacino_AS.36.zip
    • Assignment are to be send by email to Mads Frost (madsf<at>itu<dot>dk).
    • The hand-ins should be in English.
  • The TA will provide feedback on the hand-ins (but no grading) in week N+2. This happens at the start of the exercises.
  • Assignments should be made in groups of 3 persons.
  • In order to go to the exam, you should have approved 8 out of the 10 assignments.
  • All assignments should be handed in and approved before you start working on the project.

An overview of the hand-in’s and their status can be found here. Simon have provided you with your alias; please contact him at sbat<at>itu<dot>dk if you have lost your alias name.

NB. Due to the ITU’s recent change of mailing system, please keep track of getting feedback on your assignments - there has been cases where the mail server deletes mails without notifying either the sender or receiver of the email.

Choice of compiler

The compiler of choice for this course is MS Visual Studio 2010. Source code hand-in should include all necessary files for compilation, including solution files. The use of other compilers is allowed (e.g. Mono). However, no support from the TAs is to be expected on issues that relate to tools other than MS Visual Studio 2010. Any non MS Visual Studio hand-ins should include a compilation script (e.g makefile, batch) that can be run on a Windows PC without requiring further software installation (”make” can be assumed to be installed). A note on compilation instructions should also be given.


You are welcome to discuss homework assignments with your fellow class members and the TAs, but you are to do them by yourself (in your group).  Any incidences of copying, borrowing, or otherwise using other students’ work is in violation of the ITU plagiarism policy and will be reported.  See also the Study Board’s policy on academic honesty.