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Send the pdf of your reports

Could we please ask you to send a pdf version of your reports? (it is more practical to have them electronically as well). You should name the file as <group no.>.BDSA2012.Project.Report.pdf and send it to bardram<at>itu<dot>dk. Thanks!

Project Demonstration

We hope that everyone is on track for handing in the project today. Remember that tomorrow at 09:00 (note that this time we start at 09:00) we will run the project demonstration in 3A.12 (note change of room). We will progress in the order listed on on the team page, starting with team #1, etc. Note that this has to be done quick and swiftly, and you should hence be well prepared. Team #1, please setup before 9 o’clock, and the rest of you, line up and be ready when it is your turn. See the project description page for a description of what and how to demo.

Information from the Exam Office

We have received the following information from the exam office regarding the hand-in of your assignement. Please read it carefully.

Project Groups…

Please send you project group, including group name, our full names, and ITU email addresses to Mads Frost. The groups will be listed at the Project Teams page.

Project desciption

The project description is now available. I will be presenting the project on Tuesday and answer any related questions.

Project Description is now online…

A description of the overall setup for the BDSA 2012 Project is now available. The content of the project - i.e. what you are supposed to make in C# - is not available yet. This will be available later in order to make sure than you don’t have a head start on this. What is available is, however, a description of how you are supposed to work during the project and what i required from you. In particular you should notice that you need to form groups of no more than 5 persons (upper limit set by the ITU regulations). You now have some time to start preparing for the project.