First lecture

The first lecture will be an introduction to the course and about component based development and OSGi.

The lecture book does not contain material about this topic. If you would like to prepare for the lecture, or read about it afterwards, here are two of the resources that have been used to prepare the lecture.

OSGi with Eclipse Equinox – Tutorial

Niel Bartlett. OSGi in Practice. Free online book. Available from

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  1. 1 pgjo 21. August 2009 at 14:49

    I ran into a classical linux problem, when trying the tutorial. Windows users normally never discover errors, when trying to address a port, but in linux the port numbers below 1000 is restricted to the system, thus requiring root privileges.

    This is the output, that you will discover:

    2009-08-21 14:44:24.043::WARN: failed SelectChannelConnector@ Permission denied

    And the solution is to apply this JVM argument:


    You could use any available port above 1000.

    If you are running a default webserver on your computer, then you will need this fix to run the examples

  2. 2 epbu 27. August 2009 at 16:25

    I have a Mac with OS 10.4 (yes I need to upgrade, I know) and because of this I am not able to use Eclipse 3.5. Instead I will have to stick with Eclipse 3.4.2. Using this version of Eclipse, the tutorial did go well for me untill section 7. Declarative Services, where we are told to “select New -> Other -> Plug-in Development -> Service Component”. I cannot find this option.. Am I missing some plug-in that doesn’t come with the basic version of Eclipse 3.4?

    I tried installing Eclipse 3.5 on my girlfriend’s Mac that runs OS 10.5, and in this version I am able to select an option called “Component Definition”, which seems to have the same features as the “Service Component” option from the tutorial… So; is it necessary for me to upgrade my OS and to use 3.5 if I want to use my own computer?

  3. 3 stbr 31. August 2009 at 16:37

    You need Eclipse 3.5 modeling edition for doing the exercises for the rest of the lectures.
    It sounds strange that you need to upgrade your OS for that. It should only be the Java runtime version on the machine that could influence. However, I am not a mac user, so I cannot tell for sure. Perhaps others can??


  4. 4 pgjo 1. September 2009 at 21:45

    According to this documentation:

    You should be fine downloading the old carbon option, I can’t test it because the mac, that I have available is running 64 bit and is happy running the cocoa download.

    To be more precise, download from here:

    But if you havent done yet, you should upgrade to Java version 1.5.x for your platform.

    BTW - Tell us if you succeed

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