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First lecture


is now online for the first lecture Friday morning. See you there.


Welcome to the Pervasive Computing class of 2012. We hope that you will enjoy the course and have many inspiring hours working on it. Please look at the schedule and the literature for how the lectures are going to flow, and take a look at the lab classes for how the practical part of the course is planned. Also, take a look at the about page, which contains more practical information about the course. Please note, however, that these pages are constantly updated, and we are using this blog/web site for all communication in the course. As such, we do not use news, and try to reduce the amount of email to an absolute minimum.

Be warned, however, that this course is heavy on reading as well as programming, and it is important that you keep up the pace as we move along the semester.

Finally, the course is associated with the PIT lab, where you can see more about interesting research in pervasive computing at ITU. And the home page for the 2011 edition of the course is probably a great source of information for you.