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Lecture on Location

Slides for the lecture tomorrow is available from the schedule page now. Please make sure to read the literature both for the lecture and the tech talk, and prepare the lab class.

Student programmer in the PIT lab

We’re looking for a student programmer in the PIT lab. You will be working with Android programming and will be associated with the MONARCA project. This project develops an Android phone application that helps patient suffering from bipolar disorder to better manage their disease. You will be working with all sorts of Android programming, from user interfaces to data sampling from sensors. This data is uploaded to a server, and hence PHP programming will also be relevant. This application is used by real patients in an on-going field trial, and rigorous software engineering including extensive testing and quality assurance is hence required. Moreover, all patients are Danes, and hence you should master Danish. The research is done in close collaboration with the University Hospital of Copenhagen (”Rigshospitaler”) and the psychiatrists there.

If you’re interested you’re welcome to contact Jakob Bardram via email or ask in one of the breaks on Fridays.

Lecture on Mobile Computing

The slides for the lecture on mobile computing and the tech talk on Android programming are now available. Also - make sure to do the preparation for Lab Class #2.

There is a list of links available on the resources page — mainly related to service discovery using Jini, mDNS, ZeroConf and Bonjour.