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Mandatory 1 feedback

I have now looked at your assignments and I will bring them to tomorrows exercises. If you want feedback please show up so we can talk about it. If you can’t make it or would prefer feedback on mail just send me a mail. See you tomorrow


PhD positions at ITU

Notice that the ITU PhD spring call has been announced:

if you’re interested in doing a PhD. I [bardram] have an open position within HCI and Ubicomp research, and if you’re interested in this position (or in general in doing a PhD), please contact me.

Lecture on Ubicomp Applications

Please note that the litterature for the lecture this Friday on UbiComp applications are now available from the literature page. I’m not done with the slides yet, but they will be available as soon as I get them done (likely late Thursday, I’m afraid…).

Lecture IV on Context-awareness

The slides are now available. Sorry for this late hour, but I have not been online all day.