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One week at the European Space Agency (ESA) near Rome

Are you an innovative developer from Europe with experience in app development? Then take your chance and apply to spend one week at the (ESA) near Rome between 18 and 22 June 2012.

ESA is inviting 20 developers to its ESRIN location in Frascati (including travel expenses and accommodation) – and you can be one of them! Whether you are selected for the App Camp will depend on the creativity of your previous works with regard to content, usability, design, and the underlying business concepts, so show us the best apps you have developed.

Please find a short description of the event here. All information is also available at the website

Course Evaluation…

… is going on now — please evaluate the course.

Job i JobIndex [in Danish]

JobIndex søger nogle dygtige programmører. Vi er både interesserede i nyuddanndede, folk med erfaring og studentermedhjælpere. Det betyder ikke så meget for os, bare de er dygtige. Vi har lavet en stillingsannonce, der fortæller lidt om hvad vi laver. Vi har en rigtig hyggelig arbejdplads, og har lavet en lille video om hvordan vi arbejder. Vi har nogle spændende arbejdsopgaver og et et rigtigt godt miljø, men det vi først og fremmest kan tilbyde er at man kommer til at arbejde sammen med nogle rigtig dygtige udviklere, og det kan man lære meget af, navnlig hvis man er nyuddannet eller studerende. Vi har to dataloger fra DIKU, to civilingeniører og en Ph.D. i matematik fra Århus, der har læst datalogi efterfølgende, og sidst men ikke mindst har vi lige ansat en studentermedhjælper fra Lambda-bamser fra DIKU, der to år i træk har vundet konkurrencen om at blive Danmarks bedste programmører. Vi er en arbejdsplads hvor folk bliver i mange år. Tre af vores udviklere har haft 10 års jubilæum og har været med fra starten, mens de to andre snart har 5 års jubilæum.

Sketching in Hardware

The literature, lecture slides, and lab class for this Friday is now online. The topic is “Sketching in Hardware” and we’re basically going to learn how to build hardware prototypes in Arduino. We assume that you know nothing about Arduino (or electronics in general), but if you’re already familiar with Arduino, you should still attend class, since we have prepared some more advanced exercises for you. Please take a look at the list of literature. This is only two book chapters, and hence you have some time to read up on some of the other material. Also, make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the Arduino environment, and have it installed and ready for the lab class.

Mandatory 1 feedback

I have now looked at your assignments and I will bring them to tomorrows exercises. If you want feedback please show up so we can talk about it. If you can’t make it or would prefer feedback on mail just send me a mail. See you tomorrow


PhD positions at ITU

Notice that the ITU PhD spring call has been announced:

if you’re interested in doing a PhD. I [bardram] have an open position within HCI and Ubicomp research, and if you’re interested in this position (or in general in doing a PhD), please contact me.

Lecture on Ubicomp Applications

Please note that the litterature for the lecture this Friday on UbiComp applications are now available from the literature page. I’m not done with the slides yet, but they will be available as soon as I get them done (likely late Thursday, I’m afraid…).

Lecture IV on Context-awareness

The slides are now available. Sorry for this late hour, but I have not been online all day.

Lecture on Location

Slides for the lecture tomorrow is available from the schedule page now. Please make sure to read the literature both for the lecture and the tech talk, and prepare the lab class.

Student programmer in the PIT lab

We’re looking for a student programmer in the PIT lab. You will be working with Android programming and will be associated with the MONARCA project. This project develops an Android phone application that helps patient suffering from bipolar disorder to better manage their disease. You will be working with all sorts of Android programming, from user interfaces to data sampling from sensors. This data is uploaded to a server, and hence PHP programming will also be relevant. This application is used by real patients in an on-going field trial, and rigorous software engineering including extensive testing and quality assurance is hence required. Moreover, all patients are Danes, and hence you should master Danish. The research is done in close collaboration with the University Hospital of Copenhagen (”Rigshospitaler”) and the psychiatrists there.

If you’re interested you’re welcome to contact Jakob Bardram via email or ask in one of the breaks on Fridays.

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