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Wonders of Automation

Check the authors of this paper. I wonder when Itu Copenhagen will appear in my co-author list? :-)

Visit by Ryan Johnson

We were visited this week by Ryan Johnson from EPFL. He is a leading figure in the process of making database systems that work well on multi-core computers. On Thursday he gave a very nice talk surveying the recent efforts in this area.

PhD reading seminar on data mining

We are arranging a PhD reading seminar on data mining. More information here.

PhD defense

Milan Ruzic will defend his PhD thesis Derandomization, Hashing and Expanders on Thursday October 8, 1 PM, in Auditorium 2. We are happy to have Torben Hagerup and Moni Naor as external members in the committee. Everyone is invited to attend the defense and reception.

Update The successful defense was followed by a nice reception. The picture shows Milan with the committee.