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Motivation for 2010

Log Factors. “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill
2009 was a great year, both for our research group and for theoretical computer science in general, with important new conferences like SLOGN. I firmly believe in the power of good leadership through positive thinking, so in that spirit I have leveraged my considerable artistic talent at a motivational poster. Happy new year!

[High-resolution PDF version.]

The original image is from Wikimedia Commons, which implies that the poster itself is released under the same CC-AS license.

Christmas greetings

Our data mining seminar ended this week, culminating in a nice list of open problems. Happy holidays to all group members and blog visitors! We look forward to a 2010 with even more efficient computing!

Happenings on December 14

Arne Glenstrup will visit our group meeting and tell about the GIRI initiative (which seems to have no home page yet). Before that, we will wrap up the data mining seminar.

Group meetings will not be held in the period December 21 to January 10.