Archive for February, 2010

The role of theory

The Kanellakis award is given for significant theoretical contributions that have also shown to have great value in practice. The interesting debate on the role of theory in computer science goes on, with some great blog posts by Michael Mitzenmacher and David Karger as recent highlights. My own addition to the debate is that theoretical computer science offers some strong tools that can guide the long-term development in a number of applied fields. In support of this claim, my car has a “TCS” button - using it is supposed to help keeping the car on track on slippery surfaces!

Reading seminar on communication complexity

We are arranging a reading seminar on communication complexity. More information here.

Presentation today

Today, I will give a short talk about vertical partitioning of OLTP databases after our group meeting. It will be a rehearsal of the presentation of my paper for SMDB10.

Another PhD in our group

On Friday January 29, Marcus Chang from our group successfully defended his PhD thesis at University of Copenhagen. Congratulations, Marcus!