Venum vidi, veni, vici

On Monday, 17 May our group visited the island of Ven in the Öresund. The trip contained a pleasant mixture of meta-scientific debates, culture, and sports.

Efficient computation group, alumni
The intellectual heritage of Ven is dominated by the research of Tycho Brahe. In the spirit of the above group shot, much of our retreat was devoted to trying to look at our own research with a slightly larger perspective than usual. From left to right: Jesper, Rasmus, Andrea, Marcus, Nina, Tycho, Thore, Joel, and Aslak.

Joel, Alpe d’Huez
The various sports activities were used by group members to revert to national stereotype. Our group’s lean, wiry Columbian won every mountain stage.

For soccer golf, the group members living in Sweden overcompensated to balance the shame of not having a team in the imminent World Championships, or the fact that Pagh means zero in Klingon. Yes, Rasmus won. In the picture above, we see our Italian member just before he tries to fake an injury close to the flag for a free penalty kick. It didn’t work.

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