MADALGO summer school on geometric data structures

Me and Nina are not on the news (well, I am sure only about me) but we are at
MADALGO in Aarhus for the summer school on geometric data structures.
This was the first day of lectures. Speakers: Mihai Patrascu (I cannot write it with
the right letters I fear) and Timothy Chan.
In the morning, Patrascu has introduced some general concepts about dimensional
range queries, leaving to Chan the task of going in the analysis of some techniques.
In the afternoon the dimensions of the queries increased, while orthogonality
decreased, making the techniques more and more challenging. Moreover, Mihai
presented some lower bounds for the predecessor problem (in the morning he also
presented some efficient techniques for the same problem), with a nice final speech
on the beauty of lower bounds and their undeserved bad reputation.

Now, I will make a personal use of a public media: in all of this I managed to get my
laptop broken so my screen now looks like there is phosphorus explosion in the
right side…

More details and facts will follow.

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