IPEC accepted papers

The list of accepted papers for IPEC 2010 is out. IPEC is the specialist conference for parametrized and exact computation. This is the field that most of my current work is in, it’s a young but very active field, and IPEC 2010 this is only the 5th such conference. The meeting has now shed the “workshop” monicker, having been known as IWPEC even last year, when we hosted it at ITU.

Of particular interest to my own agenda are two papers that show the hardness of certain graph parameters under the counting exponential time hypothesis (#ETH) introduced with Dell and Wahlén at the past ICALP. The first, co-authored with Nina, is about graph reliability and also continues the exploration of the complexity of the Tutte polynomial.

  • Thore Husfeldt and Nina Taslaman. The exponential time complexity of computing the probability that a graph is connected.
  • Christian Hoffmann. Exponential Time Complexity of Weighted Counting of Independent Sets. arXiv:1007.1146.

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