10th IEEE International conference on data mining - ICDM2010

Today is raining. Usual.
I am in Sydney, Australia, where I attended ICDM2010. This conference is a bit unusual, at least
for me. The reason why I say so, is that the people attending the conference come from various
sectors of the economical world. Better: not only there are people from academia, like professors,
phd students and the like, but also many people from private companies that are not only the
usual famous computer science connected ones, and also freelances and people from state
agencies, including the DOD it seems.
It definitely sounds like data mining is getting a huge interest in the world of applied informatics.

I attended a bunch of nice and interesting talks, mainly concerning streaming and association
rules. However, these two topics seem to get less attention than in the former years, while
clustering and social networks mining are an ever green the former and an emerging strong
topic the latter.

Tomorrow I will be flying over Mongolia and the Gobi desert again. No Himalaya though.

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