The Art of Convincing, 10 years later

For some reason I was looking at some popular articles that I wrote for the Danish-language magazine Aktuel Naturvidenskab, and realized that it is the 10th anniversary of my debut as a popular science writer! One of the articles, Overbeviselsens kunst (The Art of Convincing), is about mathematical proofs, especially probabilistically checkable ones.

Though I did not write much popular science since then, I think that I have needed many times the art of convincing: When talking to journalists, family members, colleagues within a different research area, or addressing multi-disciplinary research councils, you need to explain clearly why they should care about your work (or the work done in one’s peer community). This is challenging because you need to put yourself in the place of the person you are addressing, but also fun!

I am happy to learn from group members such as Thore and Philippe who, with complementary approaches, excel at doing this kind of communication. In case you didn’t see it yet, ask Thore about how he illustrated data mining using decks of cards to ITUs vice chancellor. Or ask Philippe why we should care about smart grids.

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