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Leaps of human civilization

Human civilization has made a number of leaps in development that allowed people to travel longer and longer distances without the need to spend several nights on the way. What few people realize is that a recent invention dramatically increased the length that families with children can travel.
Nintendo DS
On Thursday, I will leave for a 5-month stay at Carnegie Mellon University, and will remember to put two gadgets in the hand luggage for sure!

NP-hardness in first grade

Math education is changing (slowly, but changing). I was pleased to see that my 1st grade daughter is asked to solve (weakly) NP-hard problems at school! Look at the below page, with many instances of the subset sum problem:

Hard problems in first grade

When asking her about the solution strategy it sounded like brute force search. Perhaps the dynamic programming solution will come later. I wonder in what grade they start posing strongly NP-hard problems!? And what this will mean for our teaching 20 years from now.


German precognitive cephalopod decides central open question in theoretical computer science. Another great oracle result.

Motivation for 2010

Log Factors. “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill
2009 was a great year, both for our research group and for theoretical computer science in general, with important new conferences like SLOGN. I firmly believe in the power of good leadership through positive thinking, so in that spirit I have leveraged my considerable artistic talent at a motivational poster. Happy new year!

[High-resolution PDF version.]

The original image is from Wikimedia Commons, which implies that the poster itself is released under the same CC-AS license.